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We are proud to announce that we are now selling plots in North Port Florida, from as little as $8 000. Do you want to start a new life in USA. Stunning serviced plots for sale. Build your own stunning 3 bedroom home for as little as $180 000. No restrictions on when you build. Buy now and build when you are ready.

New Development and Rapid Growth Makes This Buzzing Community a Smart Place to Live and Work


North Port has poured more than $1 billion into new infrastructure, parks and schools – and this investment has paid off. That, combined with the wide-open potential and energy of a young community, North Port is increasingly becoming a sought-after place to both work and live.

Over the past 10 years, this thriving city in Sarasota County has seen its population nearly triple and the average age drop from 70 to 38 – and is quickly becoming a dominant economic engine in the area.

The City of North Port is located within southern Sarasota county essentially between Sarasota and Ft. Myers on the west coast of Florida. North Port consists of 105 square miles, it is the 4th quickest growing city in Florida with the present population of 65,000.

Model Home.JPG
Model Home.JPG

The City of North Port, Florida’s 4th fastest growing city and 4th largest in land area, is strategically located on Florida’s Gulf Coast midway between Tampa and Naples. This thriving young community [founded in 1959] has the amenities and assets that make it an attractive location for new business, industrial, office development and quality city living.


Over the past ten years North Port has experienced a steady increase in population and in July of 2008, became the largest city in Sarasota County. Impact fees, utility and land costs in North Port are among the lowest in southwest Florida. A young, skilled workforce and opportunities for additional training and education through local colleges and universities such as Manatee Community College and the University of South Florida add to North Port’s appeal as a great location to do business.


The quality of life in and around North Port makes it a prime destination for those looking to settle in southwest Florida. Gulf Coast beaches are just minutes away and the City offers a variety of shopping and dining options along with arts and cultural activities. North Port has housing choices for every income level from gated, golf course communities, large estate homes, to small and mid-sized single-family units on platted lots. As a community of families, North Port promotes diversity, inclusiveness and civic pride.


What to expect


(Plot Prices)

See current schedule of available plots

(Build Costs)

New house prices are around $140.00 per sq ft incl. air con & granite tops

Property Rates


$ 300 - $400 per year depending on size of plot 

(Registration of Property)

To close out (transfer) property costs approx. $500.





Plots do not have water connections. Have water wells


No sewer connections. Have septic tanks


Plots have electrical connections, but some plots below $8000 are

not connected for electricity and can take up to 3-5 years to get connected. These plots cannot be developed / built on.


Roads are built.

(Building Services)

Developer has two contractors to build homes




Existing Houses in area  : $200 000 - $350 000  (average pricing)

Size of house : 1500sq ft – 2500sq ft

March 2019 Availabilty



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